National Chiropractic Health Month

NCHM 2022 will promote the use of non-drug approaches as a first line of defense against pain.

This October, in observance of National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM), doctors of chiropractic nationwide will promote better access to and use of non-drug therapies for pain management — reminding everyone that chiropractic’s non-drug approach is on the “frontline for pain,” offering evidence-based treatments that are safe, effective and may help some patients to reduce or eliminate their dependence on prescription opioids.

Raising public awareness and improving access to non-drug options for pain management continue to be important strategies in the national effort to stem the overuse and abuse of prescription opioid pain medications. Guidelines published by the American College of Physicians, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other major healthcare groups recommend people try non-pharmacologic treatments as a first line of defense against pain before moving on to other options. 

More than 35 million Americans visit a doctor of chiropractic each year. They practice a patient-centered, non-drug approach to pain management and health promotion that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. Best known for their expertise in spinal manipulation, chiropractors are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice.

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Follow the NCHM conversation this October via social media with the hashtag #FrontlineforPain.

Chiropractors On the Frontline for Pain

On the Healthy Living blog this month, we are sharing the stories of chiropractors who are “On the Frontline for Pain.” Check out the Q&As here:

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NCHM Proclamations

Throughout National Chiropractic Health Month, doctors of chiropractic ask their state and local governments to issue proclamations declaring October as National Chiropractic Health Month. These proclamations signify that the topic is important to members of that community. We will update the gallery below throughout October as members share their proclamations with the ACA community.


More Information About Chiropractic + Health Tips

Chiropractic’s non-drug approach can be an effective way to treat common musculoskeletal conditions: 

Regular movement provides benefits to physical and mental health: 

Make adjustments to your workstation to help prevent aches and pain:

Prepare joints for action and prevent injuries while enjoying these healthy activities: 

In addition to physical activity and ergon0mics, maintain musculoskeletal health by managing stress and getting adequate rest: